About Us

Grow Operation Cannabis Jobs in Ohio | Ohio420Jobs.com

Ohio’s new medical cannabis industry will create thousands of high-paying jobs.

Ohio420Jobs.com was founded by a long-time medical marijuana advocate and small business owner in southwestern Ohio. Our mission is to help chronically ill and injured Ohioans get the natural medication they need as quickly as possible.


Our goal with Ohio420Jobs.com is to help Ohio’s new medical cannabis industry recruit and hire qualified dispensary workers, grow operation workers, production and extraction employees, security staff, administrative and retail help, and all of the other employees the industry will need, as quickly and efficiently as possible.


For job seekers, we aim to provide the most comprehensive list of legitimate cannabis industry jobs in the State of Ohio, plus educational resources and event listings to help Ohioans transfer their skills into our new medical cannabis industry.


If you have suggestions on how we can make Ohio420Jobs better, or if you need to report a bug or a problem with the website, please contact us.