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Having problems viewing the medical cannabis job listings on If you’re seeing the registration page instead of the job posts, the following steps will resolve the issue in the vast majority of cases.

1. Make sure you’re a member. An active Job-Seeker membership is required to access job postings. Register here.

2. If you’re a member, make sure that you’ve clicked on the link in your confirmation email to activate your membership.

3. If you have joined the site and confirmed your email address, but are still seeing the Registration Page instead of job listings, be sure you are logged in.

4. If you are a member, have replied to the email confirmation and have logged in, but you still see the Registration Page instead of job listings, try these steps:

a) Clear your browser cache and reload the Jobs page to be sure your browser is showing you the current live page, instead of a cached (stored) page. Here are the instructions for clearing your browser data in several popular browsers: ChromeFirefoxSafari – Opera – Edge. (If you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer, stop! It’s no longer unsupported, it’s known to be insecure, and may put your personal data at risk. Please download and use a modern web browser like one of those listed above.)

b) Clear your browser “cookies.” If for some reason your cookie is outdated or incorrect, the site may treat you as a non-member and prevent you from accessing job listings and other premium content. Here are the instructions for managing cookies in several popular browsers: ChromeFirefoxSafariOperaEdge. After deleting cookies from your web browser, log in again using the same browser and your membership username and password. The browser should set a new cookie that allows you access to members-only content.

c) If clearing your browser cache and cookies don’t work, confirm that you have “cookies” enabled for A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to your device by the web browser to help it track your user settings for a particular website or page. When you activate your membership, a website cookie is updated to tell the site that you’re a member and should be allowed access to members-only content like job listings. Here are the instructions for managing cookies in several popular browsers: ChromeFirefoxSafariOperaEdge

If you have tried all of the above and still can’t access job listings, please contact us for help to confirm that your membership is active.