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1. Register your membership.

You must have a current membership at to post a job opening. So first, either log into your existing account or register a new account.

Once logged in, go to the “For Employers” menu and choose “Post Jobs.” This opens a link to the available job posting packages.

2. Purchase a job posting package.

If you don’t have any unused job posting packages in your account, you’ll see a list of the job posting packages for sale. Click on the package you want to purchase. (You can buy a single job posting, or packages. Buying in bulk brings down the cost per post.)

Click on the Add to Cart button. You’ll then be taken to your Shopping Cart page, where you can choose to keep shopping, or apply a promo code and/or check out. After checkout, return to the “For Employers” menu and choose “Post Jobs.”

3. Post the job.

If you’ve already purchased a job posting package, it will appear at the top of your list under the heading “Your Packages.” Post an Ohio Cannabis Job

Select the package you want to use (if there’s more than one listed), click the “Next” button, and fill out the details of the job opportunity, plus information about your company, on the next page. (It’s helpful to create your job description in a separate word processing document first, then paste it into the form.) When finished, click on the “Preview” button at the bottom of the page. Preview your posting on the next page. Click the “Submit” button to post the job, or the “Edit” button to revise your work.