It is no doubt that medical marijuana is being embraced by the citizens in many U.S. states, including Ohio, due to the numerous benefits it offers. When medical cannabis became legal in September of 2016, the regulatory infrastructure was still in process. But once the State of Ohio’s regulators complete their work, the employment floodgates are expected to open.

More people are embracing medical marijuana, and the skepticism towards the industry is slowly fading. Billions of dollars are generated by the industry annually, and economists predict that in the next three years, more jobs will be created.

The medical marijuana industry in Ohio not only offers jobs to those seeking employment but also equips people with skills that revolve around successful cannabis cultivation and production. There are various kinds of jobs that one can do in the medical cannabis industry ranging from skilled labor needed in greenhouses to professional accountants that handle money which is generated as a result of cannabis-related business transactions. They can also work in medical marijuana dispensaries alongside budtenders. Here, they get to learn so much about medical marijuana like how to use it depending on different situations and circumstances.

Medical marijuana is natural and comes from a plant, which of course, will need cultivation with an exacting eye so that high-quality THC and CBD extracts can be obtained from the plant materials after harvest.

Ohio’s medical marijuana industry will need people to work as trimmers or site cultivators who are tasked with plant growing and harvesting the plants. Growers defoliate, cut buds, prune and ensure appropriate hanging. To work in a grow operation, you should be able to work for long hours in the same position, say, standing or squatting. Patience and perseverance are a must.

Cultivators work alongside master growers whose work entails maintaining plants in greenhouses, indoor grow facilities, and in some cases, outdoors, and ensuring the right conditions for maximum growth are met. Such conditions include maintaining the proper soil pH, fertilizer levels, and indoor lighting systems.

Master growers closely monitor harvests to make the correct adjustments necessary to keep the plants happy. Cultivation supervisors also work alongside master growers and oversee work in the cultivation site in case the master grower is unavailable. For success in these fields, you must be a team player and have a keen attention to detail, in addition to horticultural knowledge.

In the medical cannabis industry, dispensary agents or budtenders position are the most sought-after jobs by people that seek employment in the field. Dispensary agents interact with the patients on a daily basis and require vast knowledge of marijuana pertaining strains and effects of different hybrids. They maintain records of strain effectiveness and history. Bookkeepers can also work in medical cannabis industry in maintaining essential financial data of the firm. Outdoor technicians also play a significant role as their services are a vital part of the grand medical cannabis industry.

As medical cannabis is legalized in more U.S. states, odds are consumption will be on the increase rapidly in the next few years. As such, one cannot afford to get left behind, and that is precisely the path we are following here at Ohio’s medical marijuana industry. We aim to create awareness of the importance of medical cannabis and the many employment opportunities in the industry.